Samsung N4010 32 Inch

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Samsung N4010 32-inch HD LED TV, a versatile and feature-packed addition to your entertainment arsenal. With a captivating 32-inch screen size, this LED TV delivers an immersive viewing experience that will redefine your home entertainment. Whether you're enjoying your favorite movies, binge-watching TV shows, or playing video games, the crystal-clear HD display ensures vivid colors, sharp details, and a truly cinematic atmosphere right in the comfort of your living room.The monitor specifications of the Samsung N4010 showcase its commitment to delivering top-notch visual performance. The LED display technology guarantees vibrant and lifelike imagery, while the swift 5ms response time ensures minimal motion blur, making it an ideal choice for action-packed movies and fast-paced gaming. Immerse yourself in every frame with this television's exceptional clarity and responsiveness. Connectivity is a breeze with the Samsung N4010. Featuring 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port, you have the flexibility to effortlessly connect your gaming console, Blu-ray player, streaming devices, and more. Enjoy seamless transitions between your favorite content without the hassle of constantly switching cables. Designed with user convenience in mind, the Samsung N4010 is not just a visual marvel but a space-saving addition to your home. With dimensions of 737.4 x 473.2 x 145.4 mm (with stand), it effortlessly fits into any living space, whether it's mounted on the wall or placed on an entertainment unit. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your home decor. Powerful and efficient, the Samsung N4010 operates on AC 100-240V, providing you with the flexibility to use it in various regions without the need for additional adapters. Weighing just 3.8 kg, this LED TV is lightweight and easy to maneuver, allowing you to find the perfect spot for an optimal viewing experience. In summary, the Samsung N4010 32 Inch HD LED TV combines cutting-edge technology, connectivity, and a sleek design to deliver an exceptional home entertainment experience. Elevate your viewing with this feature-packed LED TV that brings every detail to life and transforms your living room into a multimedia haven.

Samsung N4010 LED TV  Price in Bd

Elevate your home entertainment experience with the Samsung N4010 32 Inch HD LED TV from TV HUT. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and vibrant colors, as this sleek LED TV brings your favorite movies, shows, and games to life. The 32-inch HD display ensures crystal-clear resolution, making it perfect for cozy family nights or solo movie marathons. With its sleek design and energy-efficient technology, the Samsung N4010 seamlessly blends into your living space while providing an unparalleled cinematic experience. Upgrade your home setup and indulge in the ultimate viewing pleasure with this impressive LED TV.

Samsung N4010 32 Inch HD LED TV  Features

  •  Crystal-Clear HD Display: Enjoy a stunning visual experience with the 32-inch high-definition LED display. The crystal-clear resolution ensures sharp and detailed images, bringing your favorite content to life with vibrant colors and lifelike clarity.
  • Rapid 5ms Response Time: Immerse yourself in fast-paced action scenes and gaming with the quick 5ms response time. This feature minimizes motion blur, providing smooth transitions and enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Connect your multimedia devices effortlessly with the Samsung N4010. It features 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port, allowing you to seamlessly integrate gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, streaming devices, and more, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Sleek and Modern Design: Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living space with the TV's modern and sleek design. The Samsung N4010 is crafted with style in mind, making it a visually appealing addition to any room, whether mounted on the wall or placed on an entertainment unit.
  • Space-Saving Dimensions: Designed to fit seamlessly into various living spaces, the TV comes with dimensions of 737.4 x 473.2 x 145.4 mm (with stand). Its compact size ensures that it doesn't overpower the room, making it a versatile choice for different home setups.
  • Effortless Power Options: The Samsung N4010 operates on AC 100-240V, offering flexibility for usage in different regions without the need for additional adapters. This feature ensures that the TV adapts to various power supplies, adding convenience to your setup.
  • Lightweight Construction: Weighing just 3.8 kg, this LED TV is easy to handle and position according to your preferences. The lightweight construction allows for hassle-free installation and adjustment, ensuring you can create the perfect viewing environment.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Experience eco-friendly entertainment with the TV's energy-efficient technology. The Samsung N4010 is designed to optimize power consumption, providing an environmentally conscious solution without compromising on performance.
    Screen Size 32"
    Display Type LED
    Response Time (ms) 5 ms
    Remote Controller Model TM1240A
    Resolution 1,366 x 768
    USB 1
    HDMI 2
    Dimensions 737.4 x 473.2 x 145.4 mm with Stand
    Power AC 100-240V
    Weight 3.8 kg
Vendor TV HUT
Type Television
Weight 0.0 kg