Haier Turbocool 2 Ton Non Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-24TurboCool-PA

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Capacity(BTU) 24000
AC Type Split
Air circulation (m3/h) 900
Capacity 2 ton
Capacity of Cooling 24000 BTU
Color White
Dimensions ID Package dimension mm (W/D/H): 1050*301*397
OD Package dimension mm (W/D/H): 990*380*715
Display Hidden LED Display
Energy Saving Rating 2.93
Power input 2140 Watt
Power supply (Ph,V,Hz 1/230/50HZ
Refrigerant Type R32
Technology Non-inverter
Weight ID Gross weight (kg): 14.4
OD Gross weight (kg): 42
Warranty Compressor 5 Years ; Parts & Service 1 year
(Official Haier Brand Warranty)
Please call 09666880099 to get any kind of support from Haier Officially.
Warranty Card Must Be Kept for Warranty Claims.

Haier Turbocool 2 Ton Non Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-24TurboCool-PA

Haier Turbocool Non-Inverter 2 Ton Air Conditioner, represented by the model HSU-24TurboCool:(PA), stands as a testament to Haier's commitment to cooling excellence. This split-type air conditioner boasts a robust cooling capacity of 24,000 BTU, making it a reliable companion for cooling larger spaces with ease. The 2-ton capacity ensures efficient cooling performance, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. Designed with a focus on modern aesthetics, the Haier Turbocool features a sleek white exterior that seamlessly blends with any decor. The dimensions of the unit, both for the indoor (ID) and outdoor (OD) components, ensure versatile installation options while maintaining a discreet presence. The hidden LED display adds a touch of sophistication, providing essential information without compromising the unit's overall appearance. The technology behind this air conditioner is non-inverter, offering dependable cooling performance without the variable speed functionality. This makes it a cost-effective choice for those seeking reliable cooling without the added complexity of inverter technology. The refrigerant used is R32, known for its environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. In terms of energy efficiency, the Haier Turbocool carries an impressive Energy Saving Rating of 2.93. This rating highlights its ability to cool efficiently while keeping power consumption in check, contributing to both cost savings and reduced environmental impact. The power input of 2140 Watts and a power supply of 1/230/50HZ further exemplify its efficiency and compatibility with standard electrical configurations. Durability is a key focus, as evidenced by the warranty information. The compressor is backed by an extensive 5-year warranty, providing users with peace of mind regarding the heart of the air conditioning system. Additionally, parts and service are covered for 1 year, showcasing Haier's commitment to customer satisfaction and after-sales support. In summary, the Haier Turbocool Non-Inverter 2 Ton Air Conditioner combines powerful cooling capabilities with a stylish design, energy efficiency, and a solid warranty package. It's a reliable and cost-effective solution for those seeking effective climate control in larger spaces, backed by the trusted name of Haier in the world of home appliances.

Haier HSU-24TurboCool Air Conditioner Price in BD

Experience the pinnacle of cooling technology with the Haier Turbocool Non-Inverter 2 Ton Air Conditioner {HSU-24TurboCool:(PA)}. Designed for offices and industrial spaces, this air conditioner boasts a powerful cooling capacity that ensures a comfortable environment even in the most demanding settings. With its advanced technology, this Haier model provides rapid and efficient cooling, making it the ideal choice for enhancing productivity in your workspace. Enjoy the perfect blend of performance and energy efficiency, as the Turbocool technology maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature while minimizing energy consumption.

1 Minute Instant Chill

Just press the button 'Turbo/Quiet' on the remote controller, the air conditioner will work in turbo mode to get the fast cooling in 1 minute.

54°C Cooling

Special design and better conformal coating protect its components against various elements that reduce its lifespan and keeps you cool even at 54°C high temperature.

Quality Filter

Effectively prevent the smaller dust articles, insects and other materials coming into the room.

100 Percent Grooved Copper

Helps compressor avoid unexpected damages to have longer life. Haier copper pipe is grooved with inner slots to enlarge the contact area between refrigerant gas and copper pipe. The heat exchange efficiency is increased by 30-50%.

Super Anti Corrosion

Haier new generation plastic outlet grid, hydrophilic aluminium blue fin specialize in strong corrosion resistance and super cooling performance for evaporator & condenser.

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